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Soulfood - The Risen Saviour
Posted: Apr. 22nd by Stephanie Nicole
We serve a Risen Saviour.  Read today's Soulfood.

Soulfood - A Powerful Act of Love and Grace
Posted: Apr. 17th by Stephanie Nicole
No one took Jesus' life from Him.  Instead, He gave it up.  Read today's Soulfood.

Resurrection Cookies and Resurrection Rolls - RECIPES
Posted: Apr. 16th by Stephanie Nicole
Here's a link to a couple of hands-on recipes you can use to teach your kids about the Easter Story this year! Resurrection Cookies and Resurrection Rolls

Soulfood - Mary at the Foot of the Cross
Posted: Apr. 16th by Stephanie Nicole
A remarkable moment for Mary on Good Friday. Read today's Soulfood.

Soulfood - Willingly
Posted: Apr. 15th by Stephanie Nicole
Jesus chose to go to the cross.  Read today's Soulfood.

Soulfood - He Has Been There Too
Posted: Apr. 14th by Stephanie Nicole
Ever felt abandoned, betrayed, treated unfairly, and misunderstood?  Jesus has too.  Read today's Soulfood.

Soulfood - About Palm Sunday
Posted: Apr. 11th by Stephanie Nicole
This Sunday, we'll celebrate Palm Sunday.  Read today's Soulfood.

Soulfood - Jesus Prayed for You
Posted: Apr. 10th by Stephanie Nicole
Ever thought about the fact that Jesus prayed for you before you were ever here?  Read today's Soulfood.

Soulfood - Take Heart
Posted: Apr. 9th by Stephanie Nicole
If life seems impossible today, take heart!  Read today's Soulfood.

Showtimes for "God's Not Dead" Movie
Posted: Apr. 8th by Stephanie Nicole
Check out the new Christian film, "God's Not Dead" starting this Friday at Landmark Cinemas (formerly Empire Theatre) on Country Hills Boulevard NE. You...

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