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Talking with Your Kids About Tragedies
Posted: Jul. 15th by Stephanie Nicole
Good list.  I would add a very important point:  PRAY TOGETHER.   (This infographic is from  

Homemade Fruit and Veggie Wash
Posted: Jul. 14th by Stephanie Nicole
LOVE it when great fruit and veggies are in season!  Here's a quick fruit and veggie wash you can make at home.  Just 3 ingredients!  Image:  pinter...

Stampede Breakfasts
Posted: Jul. 3rd by Stephanie Nicole
Pancakes every morning!!!  FREE Stampede breakfasts are happening all over the city.  Watch for signs in your community. Here are just a few: Image: Sta...

Where You Can See Canada Day Fireworks
Posted: Jun. 30th by Stephanie Nicole
We're celebrating Canada's 147th birthday tomorrow!  Here's the list of fireworks planned: Calgary – Heritage Park at 8pm and 11pm.  And fr...

Canada Day in Calgary!
Posted: Jun. 29th by Mountain Mike
Here's just some of the fun activities happening in Calgary for Canada Day!     And remember to listen for the 'O Canada" music spec...

Could Chess help bring you closer to you child?
Posted: Jun. 26th by Les Moore
Although I enjoy a good game of chess, my family is in the Checkers mode these days; chess will soon follow.  I've enjoyed many hours of good fellowship with friends in...

Meriam Ibrahim Rearrested, Detained - The Latest Update
Posted: Jun. 25th by Stephanie Nicole
Yesterday, Sudanese Christian mom Meriam Ibrahim was trying to leave Sudan with her family to go to the US, when the whole family was detained due to some alleged falsified do...

10th Year Farmiversary!
Posted: Jun. 24th by Mountain Mike
   Join SHINE FM this Saturday (10am-1pm) at the Calgary Farmer's Market for their 10th Farmiversary!  A great day with vendor specials, entert...

Meriam Ibrahim has been FREED! Praise GOD!
Posted: Jun. 23rd by Stephanie Nicole
Christian mom Meriam Ibrahim was freed from a Sudanese prison this morning after being convicted and sentenced to death for refusing to renouce her faith.  Read ...

The 2013 Southern Alberta Flood - You Made a Difference! (VIDEO)
Posted: Jun. 20th by Stephanie Nicole
If you were able to volunteer with Samaritan's Purse last year during the flood, or you supported them financially, THIS is what you were a part of.  WOW! Image:&n...

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